💡  When presented with a problem that requires action and sometimes a behavioural change, human tendency is to pounce on it with big goals.

The psychological system of the entrepreneurial mindset is programmed to either “go big or go home”. However big goals (if NOT nurtured) may become burdensome than motivational to entrepreneurs (or anyone for that matter), especially in the early stages of the lifecycle…

✅ Remember, every big goal and outcome to achieve requires daunting effort to accomplish and sustain.

✅ Instead of locking into a selfdefeating cycle, consider starting small — through micro habits and micro goals in light of the big goal.

✅ By breaking down an ambitious big goal into smaller, more achievable ones, we build over long periods of time, micro habits, systems and processes that help us complete our big goals.

💎 The biggest oak starts from an acorn and so similarly, in business and life, anything that we want to do, requires patience, nurturing and consistency so that the acorn can grow into a little sapling and then finally into a small tree, which evolves into a mass giant business on its own 💎

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How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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