💡 If we are to truly overcome the fear of rejection, it’s not a one-off; it’s an everyday practice. The fear of rejection is so strong that it can allow us to choose to live half versions of our lives rather than risk someone telling us no.

Early in my career, I was laughed off (literally) by many executives and investors about my business ideas and aspirations to change the world.

And here are 3 steps on how I learnt how to handle and embrace rejection:

✅ Whether its our proposal rejected, someone calling our idea dumb, rejection in business doesn't mean one has a bad idea. It simply means one has NOT yet found their target audience who will purchase or invest in that product or service and really gets the vision.

✅ Understand that the journey of entrepreneurship (let alone life) is seasonal… so when there are good times (latch onto them and make the most of them); and where there are tougher times (learn from them for self development)

✅ Identify if there are any subconscious fears and obstacles holding us back. Often our internal mindset creates barriers which do not exist in reality, and this is a good step to prevent self sabotage.

💧 The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the successful people do all the things the unsuccessful people don’t want to do 💧

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