💡 Tony Robbins coined the acronym, CANI, a concept originating from the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, which means “good change.”  In short it’s a mindset of growth and self-improvement…

When we start something new, it feels exciting. But then comes a plateau. Instead of rapid progress, it feels like we never get better. 

It’s at this point where CANI kicks in, by remembering the following:

✅ If we want to be the master of our world, continuous self-development and learning is non-negotiable.

✅ When we hit a plateau, recognize this as just another stop along our upward trajectory – and keep going by applying the CANI principle.

✅ Remember success isn’t a place at which we arrive - it is an ongoing process and we must embrace every stage of the journey, not just the peaks.

✅ The primary reason I failed to sustain myself in the early stages of my career was purely because I thought I knew it all – little to realise that in business and life itself, things are forever evolving.

✅ So, to become more valuable in business or as a person, we need to continuously evolve and innovate in the way we do things – this then allows us to give more, do more, and change more.

💧 The best investment that you can make is in yourself ~ Warren Buffet  💧

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