💡 As entrepreneurs, one is bewildered with many decisions, especially in a young upcoming business. Most often, making good decisions requires us to balance the seemingly opposing forces of emotion and rationality.

An ideal world would be one where we are able to predict the future, accurately perceive the present and have insight into the minds of others and deal with uncertainty.

Unfortunately, ideal does not exist. So how does one then manage uncertainty if they feel alone

✅ Have a personal AND business blueprint

➡️ An entrepreneur’s personal and business goals are inextricably linked. Why? Cause our businesses fulfil NOT ONLY our personal goals, BUT also create sustaining impact in the lives of the customers we serve.

✅ Is there a passion and emotion linked to the business?

➡️ As an entrepreneur, long hours and certain sacrifices are required to grow a business. But when we are emotionally connected with our WHY and PASSION (both in business and our personal life), putting in long hours won’t feel like a sacrifice. 

💎 If we obsess over whether we are making the right decision, we are basically assuming that the universe will reward us for one thing and punish us for another ~ Deepak Chopra 💎

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