What really makes us productive is not only hard work, but also self care.

Food For Thought: Hardwork = Going Further …is an illusion

💡 In my early days of entrepreneurship, I was so focused on working hard and putting in the grind and hours, believing that all of this would pay off and reap in a waterfall of wealth into my bank account… little to realise 3 years later, I was on the brinks of being broke

Six years later, back in the entrepreneurship space – this time, the illusion that one must work hard to #succeed no longer exists, and here’s HOW AND WHY:

✅ When we live to exist (in life and business) with a purpose that is fulfilling, we begin to enjoy and love what we do in life and business. Anything we do becomes effortless…

✅ Similarly, an entrepreneur (or anyone) who looks beyond wealth, begins to attract the energy levels of the universe and the right people towards them. This is proven by successful entrepreneurs such as Vishen Lakhiani and Richard Branson, who focus on SERVING VS PROFITABILITY

✅ Being successful does not mean one has to live life trying to keep up with the Joneses. 60 to 80 hour workweeks that are not high value task-focused means we neglect our priorities, makes no sense and leads to unfulfillment. 

✅ To short-cut the success process, start focusing on the value created in our hours (the quality of those hours) instead of the number of hours (the quantity).

💎 Putting in a lot of hours and working hard maybe society’s badge of honour that strokes one’s ego, but is it stroking our life and business with joy, love, fulfilment and growth❓ 💎