It is not about having time. It is about making time.

Food For Thought: Make time for what matters

💡 We can’t make time for the good stuff if we aren’t crystal clear on what the good stuff is. As obvious as this may sound, it’s essential AND often underserved – so the question posed is, do you know what matters to you❓

Knowing our core is essential to creating a life that reflects it – and identifying this isn’t difficult…

✅ Start off by writing down a personal, business and family purpose statement – this helps pin down the core values essential to us from a mental, relationship and monetary perspective.

✅ Having now identified these core values, analyse and ask truthfully whether our daily tasks and efforts align to these values, principles, and our ultimate purpose statement 

✅ Remember, our calendars say a lot about what we really value in life – anchor slots in there for the things that matter in life, and work everything else around it.

✅ Because if our calendars are a reflection of our priorities, then the truth is, our priorities are as limited as our calendars are.

💎 Life is like a coin. We can spend it in anyway we like, but only once. Invest it in something that matters and don’t merely waste it 💎