What do you use as motivation? The carrot (joy of reward) or the stick (fear of punishment)

Food For Thought: The Carrot or The Stick

💡  We’re all motivated in different ways. Some people may use sticks (the risk of punishment) to drive motivation; whilst others may use carrots (the satisfaction of rewards)…

The question many may ask, does the carrot and the stick really get the same result❓

✅ The short answer (in my experience both in business and personally) is “it depends” – rather, the more important matter to identify is what motivates us (and our people) in life i.e. is it risk or reward❓

✅ By connecting emotions to goals and outcomes, our actions automatically align to yield the results we see i.e. there is no need to rely on motivation to drive us any more

✅ To determine whether the carrot OR stick approach is the right one, consider the following steps:

➡️ Set a goal(s) ➡️ Connect action plans to those goal(s) ➡️ Identify the “purpose” behind achieving that goal for yourself (and your team if you’re in business)

💧 The greatest ability we are all gifted with is to get along with others and influence each other’s actions 💧

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