Unconventional CA

Exceed your targets and enjoy doing it, with our exciting unconventional techniques.

Take the stress away from achieving and exceeding your targets.

Strengthen your mindset and build success habits that lead to sustainable growth.

Become the business owner or manager that all other owners and managers can look up to.

What does Unconventional CA do?

For corporates, we oversee the implementation of Enterprise Supplier Development programmes and effective fund management, for B-BBEE and other compliance objectives. For entrepreneurs, we help founders overcome obstacles from developing their business ideas all the way to scaling up successfully.

Start-up leadership offering

One of our partner brands, The Fractional Executive, offers a wide range of leadership, management and operational services to launch your business into strategic action even quicker. Included in the offering is the essential bookkeeping and accounting services you’ll need, to help you work towards profit quickly and effectively.


We develop, update and release new resources for your benefit every year. Here are some of the most popular resources from the past few months. Take advantage — there’s no cost!

"How To Build A Successful Business" by
Hiten Keshave

If you want to build a business but feel like there aren't enough people around you who can help, this is a great starting point.

"How to build a Silicon Valley Mindset and Business" by
Hiten Keshave

A winning business requires a winning mindset. This will help you develop one.

What do clients say about Unconventional CA?

Everything we do is in the best interests of sustainable profit and growth aligned to what matters most for our clients. We take pride in serving with integrity and efficiency.

Unconventional CA's blog

Smart people learn from their mistakes. Truly wise people learn from the mistakes of others. This is why you’ll find a wide range of stories about both success and failure on our blog, each with valuable lessons that you can keep coming back to, over time.

Let's get unconventional!

Let’s shake things up and get you living life to the fullest while you exceed your targets.