💡 Marketing is a vital process for entrepreneurs because no venture can become established and grow without a customer market. The process of acquiring and retaining customers is at the core of marketing.

Early-stage entrepreneurs are often faced with designing an entire “marketing system” — from product and price to distribution and communication.

Considering this, how does one then win an audience of following and customers without having to “break the bank” ?

✅ Firstly, understand that an important part of gaining market acceptance is building brand awareness, which, depending on the stage of the venture, may be weak or even non-existent.

✅ To then win market acceptance, having a story around the WHY and PURPOSE of our brand through creativity and humanising of the brand can help achieve a compelling image in a noisy marketplace.

✅ Differentiation is important to attract the right target market audience to buy a product or service, and therefore the more distinctive the brand values are to the customer, the more likely a customer is to buy the product or service.

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