💡 Relationships become better when we tear down the walls that divide us and build bridges that bring us together ~ John C Maxwell

Every time we cross a bridge, remember it took effort to build it, and it takes effort to maintain it. That is also true with relationships, whether its social media connections or physical people we meet – these are all bridges to initiating long term sustainable relationships.

Over the years, I have learnt that our focus should be on four life domains:

✅ You -> Personal Relationships -> Business Relationships -> Relationship with Humanity and Society

✅ Taking care of oneself is at the core of the three domains because the other three is dependent depend on our health and wellness. If we do not take care of ourselves, our relationships will suffer.

✅ Likewise, our work isn’t at its best when we haven’t given ourselves the time we need to stay physically and psychologically healthy.

✅ Last but not least, it is fair to say that many #successful #businessowners, some of whom may have come from financially insecure upbringings, always redistribute their new-found wealth (whether its time, money, knowledge) to charities and local community ventures.

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