💡 Success is a climb. It’s a journey. It’s lifelong and built with undulating and unpredictable ups and downs, especially for those venturing into entrepreneurship as success is built upon risk, change, and personal development.

This entrepreneurial journey teaches us how to cope with failure, embrace and celebrate the small wins and get up to push onward towards our dreams.

Yet many a time, at the first instance of failure, some of us may feel the need to give up. Why?

✅ Conventional wisdom advises that one spends time knowing exactly where to go and the steps to get there. This assumes a clear destination with a clear path of preparation.

This wisdom is outdated though, especially in the context of entrepreneurship, and our approach should rather embrace the following:

✅ Understand that true growth occurs when we start taking steps towards what we want in light of our purpose, our why (both in our individual capacity and business).

✅ When we focus our efforts on the impact we create, together with the lives we change as part of our existence, we begin to attract mini destinations in light of our ultimate end destination.

💧 Don’t believe destination to be a place. Visualize destination as a feeling; the experience of what it feels like to deeply move, help, and contribute to the world at large 💧

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