Planning a product launch can be dauting to say the least, especially if you are new to business and this is the first time you’re ready to rock the entrepreneurial landscape. Clever product launches engage existing customers, entice new ones, and create urgency. Any time you release a new product out into the market, it’s an opportunity to connect with people, whether they’re new to your brand or they’ve been loyal for years.

To help you get started, here is what you need to know to nail a successful product launch.

1. Set a launch date 

Your launch date is what you’ll work toward as you develop your marketing collateral and plan. It’s also what you’ll work back from and how you’ll know the deadlines you need to hit and when. Without a launch date, you risk losing any built-up hype, getting into a cycle where you keep pushing the launch out, or worse, not ever launching at all.

2. Determine your launch channels 

The launch channels you use should be the ones you’re already most active on as a business. These are the channels where you’re already connecting and making sales, and where your target audience hangs out or expects you to be. 


If SMS is a channel, you’re active on, its immediacy can cut through the noise of the many emails and social media posts your audience sees daily, especially for a new product launch. If you have a major launch, and you have a robust SMS list, this is a great opportunity to use it to send a message that you can be pretty certain your audience will see. 

Email marketing

Email is an owned channel that allows you to tell your product launch story directly to subscribers in a more long-form setting—especially if you have a substantial email list and high email engagement. 

Though less immediate than SMS, email marketing still has the power to win customers over and catch their attention as you build up energy and excitement for a product launch. 

Social media 

Which social media channels are you most active on? Where does your audience expect updates from you? These are the places where you can do the best work to promote a new launch. You don’t need to invent any new channels at this point in time, only the ones where you’ve built a following or see the highest engagement. 

In- person events 

The best way to get your product in front of as many new people as possible could be through an in-person event. This might be as simple as renting a booth at your local farmers market or street fair, and it gives people the opportunity to try out your products in person and ask you questions directly. 

Influencer marketing

Working with influencers extends your reach and builds trust with your target audience. It also gives people the opportunity to see your products styled in real life, which can eliminate barriers to purchase, like how big the item is, what color it is in natural light, and if the purchase is worth it. Because influencers already have the trust of their followers, it makes it easier for them to convince those people to purchase your product, especially if they give it a winning endorsement. 

3. Craft your launch messaging and assets 

Before you get started with this step, take some time to answer the following questions: 

  • How will you position this new product? 
  • What tone will the taglines and copy take? 
  • How will messaging differ across channels? 
  • How many emails/text messages/social media posts will you create? 
  • Will you pay for any advertising?

After you have the answers to these questions, the next step is to take some high-quality product photography.

So, if you’re ready to:

  • Become that next Silicon Valley business that everyone talks about
  • Build a Silicon Valley Winner’s mindset that increases individual AND business performance, productivity, confidence AND
  • Have clarity on what success looks like and the steps needed to achieve


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