💡  Shuffling the deck chairs on the titanic means intending to do well, but with negligible adjustments to an effort that is doomed to fail i.e. identifying a deeper root cause to a problem is what needs to be unpacked.

How then is such an acronym applicable to our lives and businesses of entrepreneurs?

✅ Firstly, in whatever it is we do, consider whether our actions are simply a band-aid solution or whether they address the root cause of any problem we face.

✅ Secondly, evaluate whether our actions align to our values, vision and strategic frameworks and ask what is my purpose? Invest the time in living a life with purpose as much as building a business that leads with purpose…

✅ Remember, building a life OR business without a vision and purpose is going to lead to failure. Therefore, always have an underlying purpose to an outcome. Why?

✅ Cause when we jump out of bed every morning, having an underlying purpose excites us to achieve our outcomes regardless of how daunting the task may be!

💧 Tap into your heart and mind, and build a life and business that is sustainable and not merely shuffling deck chairs on a sinking titanic ship 💧

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How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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