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Apart from our standard coaching programme we offer to early stage entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, TheUnconventionalCA is also a start-up consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive financial needs of existing start up businesses. With a core team of experienced start up consultants with entrepreneurial experience.

We provide relevant and accessible tools and advice to all Start-ups that is not just limited to finance!

more about the start-up cfo

Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey to choose. Most entrepreneurs find this journey difficult and lonely. In addition to this most Start-ups can’t afford to appoint a CFO to help them navigate their finances and don’t have the financial expertise to make confident financial decisions themselves.

You need a partner in this journey to help you!

We’re honest and positive professionals whose first priority is always the interests of clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability.

At The Unconventional CA, we have a diverse team of educated and professional individuals who will help you navigate your finances, plan your spend, play a strategic CFO role and connect you with the right people to help you navigate the entrepreneurship terrain.

Since our primary focus is more strategy and advisory, we’ve partnered with young, dynamic and ‘futuristic’ firms if you require accounting, tax, payroll, audits or independent reviews and can negotiate discounts on these services so you can reach optimal performance.

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what is a start-up cfo and

how can it transform my business for the better?

cfo = chief financial officer
4 cfo responsibilities

Driving Accurate Reporting

Ensuring Legal Compliance

Supporting Team

Supporting Performance


An organizational and financial specialist who provides the services of a chief financial officer to established corporates can similarly provide the same to startups. But instead of providing such services in person and on a full-time basis, the startup CFO operates remotely, on a contracted, part-time basis.

Until recently, for most small companies, the strategic guidance of a CFO was not even an option, since financial executives preferred in-house, permanent positions. And, for their part, because it was hard to tell when a scaling company is ready for such a commitment, small and medium-sized organizations have refused to meet the seat.

One justification for today’s corporate executives to move from transactional accounting services to the consulting packages of a CFO is simple: more detail is open to managers than ever before. Plus, emerging technology (and they do the job with greater precision) simplify more and more conventional accounting jobs.

This frees up accountants, all focused on real-time financial and business intelligence, to make conclusions from the data and apply their skills to more operational guidance.

What does the UCA Start-up CFO offer?

In order to generate accurate reports and analyze the findings, we provide bookkeeping services that will define and monitor the bookkeeper/controller, providing insight to help guide the ship towards the specified objectives. The effect is that you understand precisely where, where, and how your team can be centered and the stakeholders updated.

A sounding board, mentor, and business coach as our CFOs are experienced startup entrepreneurs themselves! Look for a seasoned veteran who you can trust, not just someone who can fill a spot. In the end, when you strive to meet well-specified targets, you can have a team partner who understands your organization and will help keep you responsible.

The finance role can be placed by a CFO as a strategic advantage. If you’re financially upset, odds are your opponents are too, but they’re just not reading this article and searching for a workaround aggressively. Our CFOs will assist you in reducing waste, effectively deploying cash, and seeking opportunities for greater development or growth. You will be in a position to get ahead of the other organizations in your niche with their assistance.

If your business is increasing exponentially and in the near future you plan to require investor funding, a CFO could be important in securing the financing. A CFO can be highly productive in the preparation and transformation if you need to build an in-house financial IT system.

Our startup CFOs will help ensure that everything goes smoothly if you plan to take on any big financial deals, such as a merger or takeover, and assign responsibilities and challenges to the right people at the right time to prevent missteps.

Benefits of a Start-up CFO
Benefits of a Start-up CFO


You pay for the time and deliverables that are special to your business


A Simulated CFO who is a Designated Accountant can be selected and hired


A Start-up CFO is a liaison with stakeholders, lenders, and specialist bodies from beyond


A simulated CFO’s life leaps into a scenario and quickly works out things so they can join the mid-process dialong and rapidly asses

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their ultimate business and personal goals successfully using proven Silicon Valley business strategies and mindset behavioural traits.

their ultimate business and personal goals successfully using proven Silicon Valley business strategies and mindset behavioural traits.

their ultimate business and personal goals successfully using proven Silicon Valley business strategies and mindset behavioural traits.

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their ultimate business and personal goals successfully using proven Silicon Valley business strategies and mindset behavioural traits.

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