Food For Thought: The Power of Influence

Food For Thought: The Power of Influence

There are three types of Influence in our lives, input, association and environment.

Food For Thought: The Power of Influence

💡 For us to sustain a positive trajectory towards our goals, in particular in growing a business or building a network of likeminded people who trust and believe in us (and our product or service), we need to understand what influences surround our lives. 

When we do this, asking whether these influences support or derail our success journey is crucial in identifying whether illusion (and perception) vs factual matters are holding us back (be it in business or own life itself).

The three types of influences in our life are: 

✅ Input (what we feed our mind). If we want our brain to perform at its peak, we need to be even more vigilant about what we feed our mind. 

✅ Associations (the people whom we spend time with). Hanging around negative people and expecting to live a positive life is like a placing a slice of bread in the toaster, and not having a timer set to it i.e. very likely one will come out burnt. Rather, find people who care enough about us, that their brutal honesty adds value and allows us to thrive.
✅ Environment (our surroundings). If we want our body to function at peak performance, we need to be vigilant about what we consume, the environments we operate in and how one takes care of themselves. Undermining self-care in light of sparking creativity and productivity in business may be detrimental to sustained success

💎 Influence should be that input, association and environment we are surrounded by that without talking and being present, is still felt 💎

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