Worrier or Warrior – Which do we choose to be?

Worrier or Warrior – Which do we choose to be?

💡  As entrepreneurs, how we respond to stress has a big impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Stress is almost always an initiating factor in any crisis…

In many cases, especially early on in my entrepreneurial journey, I came across feeling that I was fighting fires consistently… until I realised the following:

✅ The decision we make shapes a leader’s week. Every decision we make is an opportunity to choose whether we own up and tackle our challenges, or allow our challenges to tackle us❓ The point is to choose well.

✅ There are NO guarantees in life, except that everyone faces struggles. This is how we learn (and grow as individuals in life and business).

✅ Sometimes, we let our fears get the better of us. And it often affects our performance and outputs as our psychological aspects in our brain i.e. our mindset is not programmed to look into the future, but lives in the past.

✅ Remember, it is alright to have fears, but there is also a future ahead of us – so what we do about our story defines how we prime ourselves mentally and strategically to be successful in life.

💧 The secret of health for both mind, body and wealth is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly ~ Buddha 💧

Changing your life and business does not have to be difficult, whether it is unlocking the power of incantations, altering your morning ritual or making the right decisions that impact the growth of your business. This is where a business coach is helpful.

With the assistance of a coach, your life and business can be efficiently mapped out with the insight of an experienced professional. Assistance – and accountability – can be the keys to establishing healthy habits to bring about positive changes to your day, your life and your business.

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