Choose Your Chocolates Wisely

Choose Your Chocolates Wisely

Food For Thought: Choose Your Chocolates Wisely

💡 Remember the time we buy a box of chocolates that has a variety of options, and we decide to eat the favourite ones first❓

Similarly to how we may choose to tackle our favourite chocolates (purely through conscious bias and decision making), the choices we make in entrepreneurship (or even life for that matter of fact) are very much like selecting from a box of chocolates we eat

It may sound odd, but below are THREE lessons to learn from this:

✅ Like we choose what we want to eat, WE should choose to focus on what brings purpose, satisfaction and meaning in #business and life. Remember, if we just work for money, and don’t love what we are doing, there will never be fulfilment in anything we do.

✅ When in business, capitalising on our strengths (the chocolate pieces we eat first) is crucial to igniting the engine, but to continue driving the vehicle forward, it’s important to mitigate our weaknesses (the parts we choose NOT to eat first) through #selfdevelopment, working with a #businesscoach or having colleagues in the business that tackle these areas

✅ Understanding our surrounding environment is key to either uplift us or drain us – if we choose to indulge in the negative aspects of life, people who drain our energy and attempt to brings us down – IS IT WORTH OUR TIME❓ Remember, our digestive system excretes the things we do NOT digest…so consider doing the same in business and life❗️

💧 Making choices in life that drive happiness, determines success 💧

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