Countering the Horn’s Effect

Countering the Horn’s Effect

💡  Though we may not always notice them, cognitive biases affects everyone. I remember my early days in business, not in control of my own emotional state of being, and making snap judgments about myself based on all the rejections and failures I encountered.

This cloud in our judgments has the power to cause us to make sub-standard decisions in all aspects of life (including business), let alone hold irrational beliefs. 

How does one then train themselves to proactively fight against it?

✅ Firstly, understand that our brain categorizes information through a lens of multiple memories and experiences.

✅ This means our judgments if controlled by our subconscious thoughts will NOT always provide an accurate picture of what we consume at any given moment.

✅ Rather, go through life evaluating every situation on its own merits, its own rationality, and its own opportunity costs and outcomes – whether its in our personal life or business.

💧 A good idea is a good idea even if it is proposed by the town drunk.  A bad idea is a bad idea, even if it is proposed by the town hero.  Never forget that and act accordingly 💧

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