Using The Delete Button

Using The Delete Button

Food For Thought: Using the delete button…

💡 Ever thought of the mind like a computer (hardware) that has a software installed in it which is continuously being upgraded by the thoughts we generate daily❓

If not, then know, that it is exactly that… and the most critical aspect is we are in control of that software…

✅ How we program our minds, determines how we function in life i.e. someone can have the most expensive, powerful computer, but if they put the wrong software in it, it’s will not perform up to par.

✅ In the same way, if we are not living a victorious life or our businesses are not flourishing to the level we expect them to be, most times (more often than not), it is not because our hardware is defective, but rather our software may have become contaminated.

✅ Lastly, be consciously aware of the negative things other people speak, and ensure those words are not seeds planted in our garden… cause if we dwell on them long enough, they’ll take root and become a reality… 

💎 Just like a virus can slow down a perfectly good computer, our wrong thinking can keep us from our destiny. To live in victory, know HOW AND WHEN to hit the delete button 💎 

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