It’s not how we start, it’s how we finish

It’s not how we start, it’s how we finish

💡 In the 100m sprint, Usain Bolt was never the first man off the blocks…yet he won the 100m track event in record time❗️

Similarly, as entrepreneurs, we may feel at some point, we are at a standstill in life and elements of #selfdoubt, #fear and #impostersyndrome start to kick. 


I clearly remember the day I had to transition back from entrepreneurship to corporate (before returning to it) and said to myself “all my friends are years ahead of me in wealth and experience”…little to realise a bigger picture was waiting to unfold ahead of me. 


HOW and WHY❓


✅ Our past cannot be changed. The #lessons we learn from there are what makes us invaluable as we build a foundation of future #success…

✅ Our future is determined through our #conscious #choices, #focus and efforts … which ultimately lies within our control. Remember, where focus goes, energy flows – so keeping the end finishing line in mind, is important

✅ Each one of us is gifted a story to tell and the length of our chapters are different (whether in #business or #life). So comparing ourselves to peers is good to create competitive edge and drive results BUT not good if we allow despair to take over us.


✅ Lastly, many #successful individuals start off with “nothing”, and today have revolutionised the lives of others, let alone themselves. Go check the history of Tony Robbins, Vishen Lakhiani, Robin Sharma, Grant Cardone…


💎 One does not need to start off as a legend, to become a legend ❗️ 💎

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