The Fight, Flight or Freeze response

The Fight, Flight or Freeze response

πŸ’‘Β  The fight, flight, or freeze response refers to physiological changes that happen in our body and mind when we feel threatened. This response exists to keep us either safe; face, escape, or hide from danger.

However, people can also experience this response whether danger is real or not, which can lead to this response activating in situations where it is not necessary.

βœ… Some of us may procrastinate making the calls, sending emails or building relationships will help us in business because our feelings of nervousness and insecurity take over. This is our FLIGHT response taking charge.

βœ… Sometimes we may show up for business, and feel constricted, scared and pinched in the physical body with a sea of negative beliefs and fears. This is our FIGHT response, making everything into an enemy.

βœ… Similarly, our FREEZE response is triggered when our amygdala calculates that we can neither over-power a threat, NOR outrun it. Our brain begins disassociating itself with the body to deaden any pain (physical or mental) that we are about to feel.

πŸ’§ Managing our response mode by being in a present state of mind is important to avoid passive and poor decisions. We cannot dominate in business and life if we perceive a reality to be a reality when it is not πŸ’§

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