Food For Thought: The Entrepreneurial Staircase

Food For Thought: The Entrepreneurial Staircase

Always take tasks one step at a time. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step – Martin Luther King Junior

Food For Thought: The entrepreneurial staircaseā€¦

šŸ’” Taking the first step toĀ greatnessĀ may seemĀ dauntingĀ for anyone starting out their venture in entrepreneurship, especially with regards to all the elements of uncertainty ahead when we do not know what the journey looks likeā€¦

The obstacles in ourĀ journeyĀ should not be feared, as taking that first step ultimately helps build the other stairs to our ultimate destination, and here is why:

āœ…Ā Having a destination with a clear path creates littleĀ challengeĀ resulting inĀ limited self-development

āœ… Sometimes as an entrepreneur, we may not know how or if our dream is possible. However, it is only in throwing in the first pebble that a ripple effect begins.

āœ…Ā AĀ growth mindsetĀ strengthens us to test new obstacles e.g. Had I not attempted (and failed dismally) at starting a business after qualifying as a CA, I would not have gained the mental strength to succeed today in launching businesses that are meaningful and purposefulā€¦

šŸ’Ž Understandably,Ā fearĀ may want to hold us back from attaining our ultimateā€¦but do we want fear to dictate our happinessā“ šŸ’Ž

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