Food For Thought: Use Incantations to manifest your vision

Food For Thought: Use Incantations to manifest your vision

Use these tips to start your day, they are from successful people in various sectors.

Food For Thought: Use Incantations to manifest your vision

💡 We are all familiar with affirmations and the jargon spoken about “I am xxx” and practicing this. However, saying this is only one piece of the pie – believing AND feeling it is the most important element, and this is where incantations are more effective than affirmations. How so❓ 

Remember, how we get out of bed and prepare for each day determines the mood we are likely to carry throughout the day, which leaves us either in a perpetual state of immobility OR mobility❗️

How does incantations then help with manifesting a vision and being more purposeful in anything we do (whether business or personal)❓

✅ Remember, every feeling or action begins with a thought, and since we control our thoughts, we have the power of choice on how we experience our life. 

✅ When saying an incantation, the key is to get in tune with the emotional charge of what is being said, which means embodying and being what we say…

✅ By embodying the physical state of what we say, we train our neurologic state to make it real to our mind, by NOT only speaking the language, but also feeling it.

✅ By doing this, we take direct control of our state which can change the difference in the quality of how run a business and our own life. So, leave a comfortable amount of time every morning, to have a clear and stress-free mind and the ability to focus on important positive incantations.

💧 If we don’t consciously control our thoughts and what enters our minds, we are receptive to anything that comes in it, which affects our emotions 💧

Food For Thought: The Domino Effect – Start the day with a win

Food For Thought: The Domino Effect – Start the day with a win

Food For Thought: The domino effect – Start the day with a win❗️

💡 We all know the domino effect being a chain of reactions that have a cumulative effect on how we do things – yet, how many of us start off our day with a set of activity or tasks that kickstart our day on the right foot❓

As simple as this may sound, to impact our productivity, motivation and discipline, we need to get started by doing the right things:

✅ I was a mess in the early stages of my career. For example, I hit snooze in the morning daily for the first 8 years of my work life, slept late, lacked structure, no priority (and the list can go on ….) 

✅ After going through some self discovery of my true purpose, I realised a trend amongst those who are extraordinary –> they always set a small victory right after getting out of bed❗️

✅ By doing this, we drastically increase the chances of being more motivated, excited about what the day might bring, and ready to go out and grab it by the horns.

💎 Build progress, and results will follow as nothing beats momentum. With a winning mindset, we can create enormous impact on our life and the world 💎

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