Food For Thought: Are you Cherry Picking?

Food For Thought: Are you Cherry Picking?

What confirms your beliefs and objective facts determine what you see

Food For Thought: Are you CHERRY PICKING❓

💡 Cherry picking is a logical fallacy that occurs when we may focus only on selective evidence that supports our judgements, whilst consciously choosing to ignore evidence which may contradict it. A simpler way to remember this type of behaviour is often called confirmation bias.

However, when we choose to cherry pick in anything we do, whether personal or business, the exciting feeling of “I was right”; MAY NOT in fact be that, and here is why:

✅ By only searching for satisfaction that confirms our belief, we may NOT challenge ourselves to our true potential i.e. make room for a growth mindset
✅ By doing this, we ignore, suppress and potentially do not see, or do not test for disconfirming evidence for any of our ideas.

✅ Cherry Picking is often done at a conscious and subconscious level, and many studies suggest we do not believe what we see, rather we see what we believe and seek to confirm our ideas in subtle ways. 

✅ Being aware of this tendency is the first step in overcoming it. To become more aware of this tendency, study a book on optical illusions or paradoxes.

💧 Remember, self reflection never hurts, it only helps! So, the next time one decides to cherry pick, ask: Am I only seeing the evidence confirming my position (red cherries) and suppressing the disconfirming evidence (green cherries). 💧

When buried, remember the life of a seed…

When buried, remember the life of a seed…

💡 Just imagine for a moment, a tiny little seed in the palm of your hand. When placed in the right environment (soil), that seed has the potential to become something big (a tree).

The entrepreneurship journey is very much a testing time, that often starts off where we are a seed that feels buried in a dark place…

And when we feel buried, its so easy to retreat to failure and giving up… Yet, if we remember the following, it doesn’t have to be that way:

✅ Put in the effort today and every day thereafter allows the seed an opportunity to grow into something bigger. Success depends on the actions we take today.

✅ Growth happens on the inside first, where no one can see. This internal growth directly reflects the growth on the outside. When a plant begins to sprout above the soil, it’s because it started inside the soil.

✅ Watering our planted seed daily with the right ingredients i.e. actions, mindset, strategies will eventually result in root sprouting inside (i.e. a foundation laid) and a sprouting on the outside.

✅ Lastly, always remember your WHY and purpose of existence – by staying visionary and true to our end goal, even through the toughest of times we see light at the end of the tunnel.

💎 A seed into a harvested fruit is a journey, not an overnight process – be committed to the long-term game and not short-term win 💎

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