Food For Thought: The Entrepreneurial Staircase

Food For Thought: The Entrepreneurial Staircase

Always take tasks one step at a time. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step – Martin Luther King Junior

Food For Thought: The entrepreneurial staircase…

💡 Taking the first step to greatness may seem daunting for anyone starting out their venture in entrepreneurship, especially with regards to all the elements of uncertainty ahead when we do not know what the journey looks like…

The obstacles in our journey should not be feared, as taking that first step ultimately helps build the other stairs to our ultimate destination, and here is why:

✅ Having a destination with a clear path creates little challenge resulting in limited self-development

✅ Sometimes as an entrepreneur, we may not know how or if our dream is possible. However, it is only in throwing in the first pebble that a ripple effect begins.

✅ A growth mindset strengthens us to test new obstacles e.g. Had I not attempted (and failed dismally) at starting a business after qualifying as a CA, I would not have gained the mental strength to succeed today in launching businesses that are meaningful and purposeful…

💎 Understandably, fear may want to hold us back from attaining our ultimate…but do we want fear to dictate our happiness❓ 💎

To find a better path, explore a different path

To find a better path, explore a different path

💡 We may think our life path is figured out years in advance, but, for many of us (I know for me in particular), nothing is ever set in stone.

Starting off as a CA in 2010, venturing into entrepreneurship (failing at it terribly for 3 years), going back to corporate for a few years, and now leading a completely different field of life which is to “serve others” is no ordinary path for anyone…

The point behind this?

✅ There is no fast and easy way to figure out if one is on the right path right now. But a self-assessment rain check is important in 3 areas, namely our state of fulfilment, happiness and if there is stress beyond reason.

✅ If we are unable to tick these 3 fundamental blocks in our daily activities, whether its entrepreneurs running a business or someone working in a job, there may just be a call for a new path.

✅ The key origination of the human (and entrepreneurial) heart is to be mission and value driven, not monetary driven. When we are mission and value embraced, we will attract the energy fields of the universe and all the wealth will attract itself.

💎 Getting lost along our path is a part of finding the path we are meant to be on ~ Robin Sharma 💎

If you are ready to be the success story you deserve, grow your business and personal life, then visit our website for more information on how our Entrepreneurs Wheel of Life Flagship Coaching Programme helps entrepreneurs create and execute their personal and business blueprint!

Tradition is pressure from the dead…

Tradition is pressure from the dead…

💡 While this may be a little tongue-in-cheek, there is a lot of truth in regard to the many traditions and rules about life that one may abide to without question. Rules about marriage, money, business, health etc…

To understand whether we are living a life on our own terms, or one set by others on our behalf, here are a few principles to consider:

✅ Are these rules our own and in line with serving happiness and fulfilment in what we want to achieve in life❓

✅ Or are they just outdated bullsh*t rules passed down to us, through culture, society or religion❓

✅ The reason I encourage people (in particular those interested in entrepreneurship) to have a different perspective on tradition is that change is tremendous.

✅ Change means to make or become different — the effects that change has on us will either be good or bad BUT guess what? We miss 100% of the chances we don’t take❗️

💎 Evaluate tradition on its own merit so to avoid getting stuck in pointless, behavioural loops just because it was handed down to us 💎

Changing your life and business does not have to be difficult, whether it is unlocking the power of incantations, altering your morning ritual or making the right decisions that impact the growth of your business. This is where a business coach is helpful.

With the assistance of a coach, your life and business can be efficiently mapped out with the insight of an experienced professional. Assistance – and accountability – can be the keys to establishing healthy habits to bring about positive changes to your day, your life and your business.

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