Why Mistakes are Important?

Why Mistakes are Important?

Food For Thought: Why mistakes are important❓

Quote by Jim Rohn about making mistakes.

💡 Ask all the successful people in the world what instances spurred their biggest growth in life and business, and I’ll bet most of those stories will fall under the umbrella of “mistakes.” And the bigger the mistakes, the more learning (and benefit) they probably are like to story tell in the long-term.

So, if we feel regret for the mistakes we’ve made in life, then the first action point is to STOP the regret pill immediately❗️ WHY, many may ask❓

✅ Mistakes are a wealth of knowledge one would NOT previously have had in the library had that experience not been lived through. 

✅ Mistakes are often a re-direction to a better pathway for achieving success and our ultimate goals and objectives. Sure, failure stings, but when the sting wears off, we find ourselves more open to the feedback of the experience (hence the saying, “There is no failure, only feedback.”)

✅ And therefore, how we manage our mistakes and lessons learnt from it is more important for a #futuristic visionary VS an individual who dwells and holds onto the past (while trying to move forward)

✅ Remember, we are all human, and life will never be perfect❗️ If everything, every time, went according to plan, life would be boring. Mistakes keep us open to a larger picture, focused on expansion rather than perfection. They might disappoint us in the moment but ultimately remind us of the overarching design we’re aiming for.

💧 Don’t fear or regret making mistakes ➡️ Learn from them ➡️ Make your own good luck by engaging in the right actions in the right way 💧

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