Appreciate the Marginal Gains

Food For Thought: Appreciate the Marginal Gains

💡 Success is often the result of compounding gains i.e. If we get 1% better each day for one year, we end up thirty-seven times better by the time the year is done.

The best thing is this compounding effect works for relationships, income, health, habits – anything that we set our mind on improving.

Like an athlete invests in training today to reach peak later (e.g. the Olympics), in life it’s the same – we need to learn and get better every day to sustain peak performance later in life (new skills, education, etc.).

We may not notice getting 1% better at something tomorrow, but by the time we’re at 10%, 25%, or 37% better, we will start to see a significant change in our abilities.

High performers get out of bed and work on themselves each day realising that regular small improvements add up to large eventual gains.

Personal Growth and consistent improvement is what powers personal transformation and opens many new doors.

💎 Consistency is the Snowball Effect we can use to trigger change across all areas of our life for the better 💎

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