Why it’s important to do what you want?

Why it’s important to do what you want?

💡 I once heard this from a mentor…Hang around the barber shop long enough and you will get a haircut! I asked myself, what does this mean?

And then it clicked…

✅ Anything in life can be achieved if we place our focus, commitment and energy on it.

The lessons learnt from this was:

✅ If we really want something badly, the time, effort and energy we place on getting it is very important i.e. 80% psychology, 20% skillset❗️

✅ Perseverance and determination will be noticed by someone at some stage; and when that time arrives, opportunities will open for us.

✅ There is a gift of talent within each of us. What we want to do with it is OUR choice.

💧 Do we know what we want in life, and are we putting the hard yards in to get it❓ 💧

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