Food For Thought: Manage energy, not time…

Food For Thought: Manage energy, not time…

💡 Every thought we have, every feeling of happiness or anger or awe we experience, every kindness we extend and every insult we bear or sling, is part of our energy we utilise.

All of these thoughts, sensations and emotions are as a result of where we place our awareness and attention on a daily basis, which results in the use of our energy levels.

What does this mean, especially to entrepreneurs who may feel they are “chasing their tails” consistently in light of achieving their goals and aspirations❓

✅ If we want to improve the performance, wellbeing, and fulfilment of our day, our main focus should be on the way we manage our energy.

✅ Identifying what are energy vampires (drainers) and energy feeders in our daily routine to sustain fulfilment is important

✅ By doing this, we manage our fluctuating energy levels, and influence how much time we use productively.

✅ The key is to find ways to manage our activities and priorities differently (all in our control) so that the amount of time we have (something out of our control) is enough.

💧 Awareness is like driving a car. As we drive, the car uses more fuel (energy) to climb big hills and less as it coasts downhill. 💧

Why Personal Mastery is important❓

Why Personal Mastery is important❓

💡  Personal mastery can be defined as personal growth through principles of purpose, vision, belief, commitment and knowing oneself.

As entrepreneurs (or aspiring ones), it refers to our self awareness and how we visualize our goal(s) in relation to reality, going beyond competence and skills. It means approaching life as a creative work through proactive behaviour as opposed to reactive.

So WHY then invest in personal mastery as an entrepreneur❓

✅ Whether it’s a CEO, a colleague or a friend, chances are there is one person you know who always wins at life. And they achieve this by understanding their thoughts, action’s purpose in life.

✅ Many of the world’s successful leaders are aware that in order to lead a country, a company or even a team effectively, they need to learn how to lead themselves first.

✅ Having increased personal mastery gives us the ability to produce high quality results and understand and replicate the way we produce these results. High performing people are always striving towards investing in self development tools and strategies that help leverage their time and allow them to be their best.

💎 If you are an entrepreneur (or aspiring one) who is ready to master his/her personal life and grow a sustainable purpose driven business, then check our website for more information 💎

Watch more as Hiten and Nolan share their insights into personal mastery from a coaching perspective.

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