Food For Thought: Build a Life and Business around Passion & Purpose

Food For Thought: Build a Life and Business around Passion & Purpose

When combining your passion, purpose and potential you can create revolutionary, world-changing work.

Food For Thought: Build a Life and Business Around Passion & Purpose

💡 Recently, having kickstarted my latest ventures in the space of supporting existing entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, many of my colleagues and friends asked me, how are you going to make money Hiten doing all this “philanthropy” type of work❓

My answer – by creating value and not selling a product or service, I live a life that is meaningful, purposeful with the intention to change the lives and businesses of other entrepreneurs for long term sustainability.

HOW does one do this❓

✅ Live by Design – instead of living life by default where we are reactive to everything that happens, consider pro-actively managing the day by taking positive action towards the achievement of one’s vision aligned to their purpose for existence and passion for what they love

WHY should entrepreneurs do this❓

✅ The most successful business people are driven by more than just money, they are driven by making a change with meaning and impact. Research proves the key to their success has been combining passion with purpose and potential.

✅ This inherently results in happiness, health and love around them, leaving little room to get sick, be angry or unhappy❗️

Why – because they are fulfilled and no bad day is a dark day for them!

💧 Live on purpose like Robin Sharma, exude passion like Tony Robbins and generate profit like Warren Buffet from what you love to do. We are the creator of our own life and have the power to design our masterpiece. 💧

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