No one win’s the race to the bottom

No one win’s the race to the bottom

💡  As entrepreneurs just starting out in business, we often are pressurised to rack up on sales, and therefore may have a tendency to want to compete on price…

I remember starting out in business and tried outcompeting on price… “boy oh boy”, was that the biggest mistake ever made. Why❓

✅ If we drop our prices just to get customers or because our competition have lower prices, then we’re going to be out of business soon.

It’s what I call “the kiss of death”❗️ Instead of competing on price, when starting out in business, consider the following elements:

✅ Compete on delivering better AND faster results; a better, higher quality product/service or even a celebrity endorsed product or service.

✅ Make the product or service unique and different that its in a “category of its own”

✅ By doing this, we eliminate the need to compete on being the lowest price product or service… BECAUSE NO ONE WINS THE RACE TO THE BOTTOM.

💎 If the only thing we can compete on is price, this question may arrive sooner than later – how long will we be in business❓ 💎

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