The Get Sh*t Done (GSD) Attitude

The Get Sh*t Done (GSD) Attitude

💡 Having a productivity system in place allows us to achieve more but MORE importantly it leads to happiness. Many may ask “how, why, what nonsense” BUT think of it like this…

Not knowing what needs to get done and how long we need to do it is a quick way to burnout. Uncertainty creates stress and with stress comes a whole list of baggage to carry on our shoulders❗️

So if you are struggling to kickstart that next business idea, unable to get work done at home or in the office, OR even finish up on studies (literally anything), then consider these simple basics:

✅ Firstly, use the Eisenhower Matrix box to prioritise and categorise – we may quickly realise that what is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.

✅ Use an app that allows you to brain dump to avoid anxiety and forgetting things to do e.g. todoist – this will avoid the stress and help with the planning and scheduling of tasks accordingly.

✅ Timeboxing our tasks and activities that’s going to reap our future results is a key element to incorporate into our calendars, otherwise how else do we drive our future dreams into realities❓

✅ Last but not least, have time for the things that matter in life outside of work e.g. looking after your health, family, relationships, friendships etc – its important to merge all elements of our life in order to avoid playing when its work, and working when its play time.

💧 While others are dreaming about it, are we getting the things that matter in our life and business done❓ 💧

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