Rejection is an opportunity for redirection

Rejection is an opportunity for redirection

💡 At one point in time, if not most of the time, the journey of an entrepreneur is bound to be faced with some sort of rejection.

The truth is rejection hurts – and this is normal❗️ So feeling “down and out” when rejected is understandable, with all the cloud of doubts creeping up, however remember the following:

✅ Rejection has a way of teaching and redirecting us to things, people, places, and opportunities that are sometimes better than originally expected.

✅ Embrace every "NO" as something that was meant for you (Meant. For. You. Yes, you read that right.). And use these moments to provide us with strength. How❓

✅ With rejection, the mindset we mould is all dependent on how we react to it. So instead of it being 10 steps backwards, and only 1 step forward – ask, is this not an opportunity for one step back and ten steps forward❓

💧 Utilise rejection as a motivation to be better than who we already are. Allow it to be that matchstick that sparks a flame in the mind to get ready to accomplish more than one already has 💧

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