Controlling Our Bubble Network

Food For Thought: Controlling our network bubble

💡  It’s a fact of life that some people may hold us back, while others will propel us forward. Learning how to deal with this is more important than wishing our reality was different. We therefore cannot hang out with negative people and expect to have a positive life and be thriving in business. 

More importantly, if we do all the right things, but don’t get around people who hold us to a higher standard, we may not thrive further than our current limits (and why so often we may struggle in any ventures, be it business or life). 

The lesson here❓

✅ Actively constructing our social environment is important, BOTH for our life and business. 

➡️ Don’t let it depend on proximity or chance or on how the past has always been. Rather consciously plan which opinions, attitudes and life philosophies are allowed and NOT allowed in our life.

✅ Putting ourselves in environments where we can maximize #growth is the best tool (learning) for success.

➡️ Do not hesitate being in such environments for the fear of looking stupid. This only limits the opportunity for growth.

✅ Investing in a business coach or mentor who not only holds you accountable but is able to help us steer our ship in the right direction is a recipe for success (versus one that is trial and error).

➡️ Being the smartest in the room is a sign that a new horizon is required. And remember, success leaves clues, so surrounding ourselves with success is key!

💎 When we surround ourselves with people who hold high standards of us, we are surrounded by people who strive to do better. Their energy is contagious and will positively influence us 💎

Are You Using Band-Aid Solutions

Are you using short term solutions instead of fixing the problem and doing the hard work?

Food For Thought: Are you using bandaid solutions❓

💡 Have you ever felt that life (or even business) is on continuous life support, with this major rush to continue patching up bleeding wounds with band-aids (or plasters as we say in South Africa)… 

The society and culture we thrive around often brings busyness in all aspects of our lives (and business), and consequently, we may use “band-aid” solutions as quick remedies to get through these stages. 

However, such solutions are not long term❗️ Rather consider the following:

✅ Commit the time and effort to slow down, be grounded and re-shift focus towards sustainable long term impactful behaviour.

✅ When faced with problems, understand the root cause before rushing to any solution and just treating the symptom(s). If missed, the real problem spreads and often can result in a deadly infection.

✅ Lastly, find leaders who have gone through similar problems who may be outside of your business sphere and connect with them for conversations. Look for thought leaders who solved similar problems in real life practice.

💎 The Band-Aid is an inexpensive, convenient, and remarkably versatile solution to an astonishing array of problems ~ Malcolm Gladwell 💎

To Reap, One Needs To Plant

Food For Thought: To reap, one needs to plant

💡 In order to reap rewards (i.e. get success), one must first plant i.e. we must take action and put our ideas into practice, otherwise we will never reap the rewards of our efforts.

And our effort level determines our desired outcomes i.e. the more we are to plant and nurture (put in the hard yards), the greater the rewards are likely to be. 

BUT in all this, lies a trick:

✅ We need to carefully select what we want to sow i.e. focus; and then we must nurture the seed until it is the right time to harvest.

✅ If we pull up the seeds too early before they have had time establish, we will never reap the benefits of the harvest – remember, no good things come easy and overnight

✅ Having clarity on what we want is key to achieving it. Maintaining focus will help us do the things necessary to expand our experience, skillset and ultimately attain our desirable goals.

💧 Planting weeds and hoping for flowers is unrealistic – align the end objective with the smaller building blocks that will get you there 💧

Food For Thought: An Addiction To Distraction Is a Killer To Creative Production

Food For Thought: An Addiction To Distraction Is a Killer To Creative Production

Be Addicted to Your Passions, not Distractions.

Food For Thought: An addiction to distraction is a killer to creative production

💡 How often do we allow ourselves to get “distracted” so that we can avoid doing what we want to or have to do❓ This is also known as procrastination…

In my experience, both through studies and working with many people, to become successful, we need to dominate our daily life by producing masterpieces day-in-day-out through uninterrupted distractions…

How does one then nurture and cultivate productivity in the absence of distractions❓

✅ Practice self-discipline by making changes that put an end to time-wasting habits 

➡️ For the next 15 days, consider a time audit on what is done every 30 minutes, and identify whether the tasks are productive OR “merely busy”

✅ Often a lack of productivity and creativity is linked to us being stressed in not achieving our goals

➡️ To reduce stress, start creating an emotional link to your goals – this will help stimulate the right disciplines and actions.

✅ Lastly, get enough sleep and use the last hour before bedtime as “downtime”

➡️ Proper rest rejuvenates the brain and leads to bursts of creativity, so don’t underestimate getting enough rest if you want to be the next “hit” in the world❗️

💧 Creativity isn’t a rare gift enjoyed by the lucky few – it’s a natural part of the human brain and behaviour. Don’t let distraction kill your creativity 💧

Appreciate the Marginal Gains

Food For Thought: Appreciate the Marginal Gains

💡 Success is often the result of compounding gains i.e. If we get 1% better each day for one year, we end up thirty-seven times better by the time the year is done.

The best thing is this compounding effect works for relationships, income, health, habits – anything that we set our mind on improving.

Like an athlete invests in training today to reach peak later (e.g. the Olympics), in life it’s the same – we need to learn and get better every day to sustain peak performance later in life (new skills, education, etc.).

We may not notice getting 1% better at something tomorrow, but by the time we’re at 10%, 25%, or 37% better, we will start to see a significant change in our abilities.

High performers get out of bed and work on themselves each day realising that regular small improvements add up to large eventual gains.

Personal Growth and consistent improvement is what powers personal transformation and opens many new doors.

💎 Consistency is the Snowball Effect we can use to trigger change across all areas of our life for the better 💎

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