Stepping out of the comfort zone

Stepping out of the comfort zone

💡  Like a turtle, we all have a comfort zone where we can curl away, feel cozy and safe inside a shell…

But if there was ever a lesson I learnt the day I started my first business and was at the brink of having nothing 2 years later, it was the following:

✅ To change our destiny, our thinking and neuropathways need to be challenged i.e. one must be willing to step out of the turtle shell no matter how much we feel at home.

✅ Our mindset will only begin to change if we allow ourselves to be exposed to the possibilities of change. Stepping out of the comfort zone can be one of the hardest things anyone can do, but it all starts with building self-confidence.

✅ There is no over the counter formula we can buy for success, but here’s a formula to remember:

PREPARATION (i.e. personal development) + ATTITUDE (mindset) + OPPORTUNITY (actively pursuing and not waiting) + ACTION (doing something about it).

✅ Before stepping out of our comfort zone, accept that we will meet fear along the path e.g. an excuse, a misbelief that may make us believe something that is simply not true. It’s important that we become adept at seeing it for what it is.

💎 Strive to learn something new every day – even if it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable at first 💎

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