An addiction to distraction is a killer to creative production

An addiction to distraction is a killer to creative production

💡 How often do we allow ourselves to get “distracted” so that we can avoid doing what we want to or have to do❓ This is also known as procrastination…

In my experience, both through studies and working with many people, to become successful, we need to dominate our daily life by producing masterpieces day-in-day-out through uninterrupted distractions…

How does one then nurture and cultivate productivity in the absence of distractions?

✅ Practice self-discipline by making changes that put an end to time-wasting habits

➡️ For the next 15 days, consider a time audit on what is done every 30 minutes, and identify whether the tasks are productive OR “merely busy”

✅ Often a lack of productivity and creativity is linked to us being stressed in not achieving our goals

➡️ To reduce stress, start creating an emotional link to your goals – this will help stimulate the right disciplines and actions.

✅ Lastly, get enough sleep and use the last hour before bed time as “down time”

➡️ Proper rest rejuvenates the brain and leads to bursts of creativity, so don’t underestimate getting enough rest if you want to be the next “hit” in the world❗️

💧 Creativity isn’t a rare gift enjoyed by the lucky few – it’s a natural part of the human brain and behaviour. Don’t let distraction kill your creativity 💧

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