Direction with action determines destination!

Direction with action determines destination!

💡  Over the years, I’ve had multiple business ideas and early in my career, I failed miserably at executing them… I had dreams of being the next Silicon Valley start-up entrepreneur who would change the world, but despite my desire, none of this materialised…

This was not because I did not have great intentions.  I simply NEVER implemented a plan that could be followed daily, monthly and yearly to build a business that has a lasting impact…

UNTIL I realised the following:

✅ If we intend for a certain outcome in any area of our life and business, we will never achieve the desired result if the path that we are following does not lead to that destination.

✅ Simply intending or desiring a certain outcome is never enough. It is our direct actions AND not only our thoughts, that define who we become.

✅ Intention should be a catalyst for movement, where it spurs direction and through our daily habits, routines and practices, we then create our direction to our destination.

✅ Remember, Actions = Results… our thoughts provide the internal foundation, and so its important to manifest our future reality in meditations, affirmations etc BUT a vision without action never sees fruition❗️ 

💎 We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit 💎


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