Putting the smelly fish on the table

Putting the smelly fish on the table

💡 The smelly fish is a metaphor for “that thing that we carry around but don’t like to talk about. The longer we hide it, the smellier it gets”.

As entrepreneurs, when we hit roadblock(s) along our journey, by putting the “smelly fish” on the table, we open the opportunity to enter an area of discomfort that uncovers areas of self development and personal learning, which may be beneficial to both our lives or business.

How so, many may ask?

✅ When we open ourselves to vulnerability, we open our neuropathways towards learning and embracing that we are in a problem and actively seek a solution to resolving it.

✅ Remember, the longer we carry and hide our burdens, the smellier they get❗️

✅ So, if not managed, the stinky fish end up being obstacles to our achievements in business and life. When not addressed, the stinky fish is at the back of our mind holding us.

✅ This results in us not fully achieving our end goals, actions and living a fulfilled life let alone running a profitable business…

✅ So, consider working and collaborating with a coach or mentor who can guide and help get rid of the stinky fish and unpacking the true potential the world should see❗️

💎 The beauty of life is in each precious moment – are you stopping and smelling the roses daily, or is there a stinky fish brewing under the table❓ 💎

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