Divorce the story of your limitation

Divorce the story of your limitation

💡  When something is considered “impossible” how do we reframe it, so it becomes possible in our minds❓

As the legendary Tony Robbins says “Impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion”.

So the next time we doubt ourselves, be it in business or in our own lives, remember the following:

✅ The human mind is always looking for what’s wrong and to work in survival mode. It is under our control, and therefore we should consciously choose whether we want to thrive in life OR merely survive.

✅ We all need a strategy for success in business and our personal lives, but that’s not the first place we should look – yet it is often the first place we all gravitate towards.

✅ Rather, focus on personal fulfilment i.e. the emotional connection and the personal story behind the fulfilment of achieving our goals. When we align our emotional connections to our actions, we automatically drive actionable outcomes.

💧 The next time you see a lack of growth in business or yourself, identify if there is a limiting story behind it all… and you may just realise that as soon as that story is eliminated, the impossible becomes possible 💧

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