Move From Surviving Daily to Thriving Daily

Move From Surviving Daily to Thriving Daily

Food For Thought: Move from surviving daily to thriving daily

💡 One of the most common things experienced in my early stages of entrepreneurship was the feeling that I was moving through life and business in a “survival mode.” I was kept so busy with what I perceived to be non-negotiable responsibilities, that I felt there was limited time to create the life and business I wanted.

Falling into this trap is not a great way to succeed in the long term and only instigates a survival mode. How do we then move from surviving to thriving, especially if we may feel alone during our journey❓

✅ Keeping our eyes on our own path is important. This means being specific about our goals and outcomes, and focused on our behaviours to attaining it and WHY we need to attain it…

✅ Applying this same WHY to our introspection daily activities and routines will guide us in understanding whether our routines and emotions are limited with joy and fulfilment. In this way, we then understand what things we need to change (in order for the things around us to change) i.e. perception and reality 

✅ Remember, it is OK to survive only, but more importantly it is important to thrive in anything we do. Therefore, how we shift our focus to flip the odds in our favour entails moving our mindset towards growth and opportunity, so we emerge stronger especially during uncertain times. 

✅ Lastly, practice the activation of the vagus nerve especially when feeling stressed, triggered or overwhelmed. This can be done through 6 deep breaths (in for 6 seconds, out for 12 seconds) every 2 to 3 hours. High-flying people use these techniques to help them deal with any perceived stress and fear, so they can succeed and flourish.

💎 To move into a thriving mode, we need to use challenges as fuel to long term success. Therefore, seek positive change, and look for different ways to evolve and grow 💎

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