Don’t Let Perfectionism Hold You Back…

Don’t Let Perfectionism Hold You Back…

Food For Thought: Don’t Let Perfectionism Hold You Back…

💡 We all have probably heard people, especially in the entrepreneurial world, describe themselves as perfectionists with a hint of pride. For some, this word signifies hard work and dedication, but it’s likely not a favourable characteristic any believe in. WHY❓

Entrepreneurs are naturally driven, passionate, and always aiming as high as possible. But the bear trap to perfectionism is something the extraordinary manage better when it comes to ensuring #sustained success reaps results from an efforts perspective.

And here’s how we can all manage it:

✅ Embrace peace and happiness in the current moment instead of thinking it’s always around the corner. For those who want to learn more about this, consider reading a book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

✅ Understand perfectionism stalls progress and inhibit our intuitive thinking, which kills innovation and often dampens our enthusiasm if we get nowhere. In light of that, redirecting our focus on smaller milestones that will lead to the end result allows us to celebrate the small wins and build momentum

✅ Perfectionism often stems from the belief that we can avoid pain by living and doing everything exactly right, but it’s only a temporary shield at best. Our aim should rather be to give up being perfect considering we open the window to work on self development in light of sparking creativity and growth 

💧 Being perfect may make us feel bulletproof, but in reality, we may end up stuck within a status quo 💧

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