Where focus goes, energy flows

Where focus goes, energy flows

💡  If there was ever one strategy I (wish) had learnt earlier in my career, it is the strategy of being an effective manager of time.

The truth is – if we want to achieve anything in life, we need to be effective managers of our time. WHY

✅ Those that can best manage their time can achieve their biggest goals.

➡️ In order to do this, one needs to implement an effective daily routine for managing the precious little time we do have, rather than squandering it away. 

✅ A simple starting point is the quadrant time management system, which splits our time into four separate quadrants.

➡️ Our efforts should be as much as possible in Quadrant 2, whilst doing everything in our power to avoid Quadrant 4.

✅ How do we identify where our time goes❓

➡️ By consciously doing an audit of our day, we will identify how much time we spend in each of these quadrants. You may just be surprised by the results (or not)…

💎 The key is in not in how we spend time, but rather how is our time being invested 💎

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