Food for Thought: Don’t forget the NOT TO DO list…

Food for Thought: Don’t forget the NOT TO DO list…

The Not To Do List will assist with combating procrastination and time wasting.

Food For Thought: Don’t forget the NOT TO DO list…

💡 How many times have you woken up in the morning, or left work the previous day, with a “to do item list” ❓ I’m sure countless times… A not-to-do list is however just as a handy tool to help us stay more focused on the important things in our business, personal life and career❗️

Simply put, it’s a list of tasks WE DO NOT DO, no matter what i.e. there are no negotiations on this❗️ And here’s why:

✅ The not-to-do list is one’s own personal productivity hack:

➡️ By knowing what we want to avoid, we focus our energy on things that are important and strategic. The remaining elements we delete, delegate, outsource, or simply say no when they try to find their way on our to-do list.  This maximises productivity.

✅ To “up” our game, and performance, a Not-to-do list is more effective than a “to-do” list.

➡️ Again, having the reminder of where our focus goes and energy flows, helps us to stay on track in light of us achieving our overall goals and targets in business and personally. This helps in particular if anyone struggles with self-discipline.

✅ A to-do list is a race to the bottom, except there is NO bottom:

➡️ The reality of life is there will always be something for us to get done. By going with a to-do list, everything goes on the list — regardless of the level of impact it has on our day. The result – a rollover onto the next day❗️

💧 Remember, the key to be successful at what we do is scheduling our priorities; not vice versa. 💧

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