Authentic leadership brings fulfilment, purpose and❓

Authentic leadership brings fulfilment, purpose and❓

💡 Authentic leadership emphasizes transparency, genuineness and honesty. Authentic leaders build authentic relationships that inspire trust and motivation.

What are then the key characteristics that true authentic leaders (such as Virgin Founder Richard Branson and Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani) have in common?

Self awareness. Authentic leaders regularly assess their strengths and weaknesses and consider how these factors affect their ability to lead.

Consistency. Authentic leaders do not change their leadership style or apply different values to different situations. Consistency promotes reliability and team members place their faith in genuine leaders.

Integrity. Authentic leaders must hold true to their values and practice what they preach within the workplace to be taken seriously and earn the respect and loyalty of their employees.

Transparency. Authentic leaders do not hide things from their team or tolerate an environment of secrecy. Instead, these leaders focus on open communication and encourage their team members to voice concerns.

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