A product/service for everyone is for NONE

A product/service for everyone is for NONE

💡 Over my years, having had various engagements with startup entrepreneurs, a common thread or issue found amongst many early stage entrepreneurs is the need to want to sell to “everyone”…

It’s surprising how many businesses think all their customers should want to buy their product (or service). YET the reality is if we try to “sell to everyone,” then we will end up selling to no one❗️

✅ Rather, have a niche and value offering that a specific market requires. If it’s a product/service for anyone, it’s a product/service for NONE❗️ 

✅ Figuring out who we want to work with specifically helps us be ready to ignore most prospects so we can focus clearly on the low hanging fruit.

✅ Remember, a business is started because either the public has expressed a need or entrepreneurs discover a need. Following this logic, the pending question then is: WHO has the greatest need❓

💎 If we try to appeal to everyone, we will fail. Good marketing does not attempt to appeal to everyone, but targets those who are a great match for what we have to offer 💎

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