The First Step to Define Success is to Understand Awareness 

Learning, Implementation, Outcome.

Food For Thought: The first step to define #success is to understand #awareness

💡 Robin Sharma, author of the 5am club explains in his book that with better daily awareness, we can make better daily choices and with better daily choices, one starts to see better daily results. He terms this the “3 Step Success Formula”.

What this essentially means for anyone who feels they’re in a constant daily struggle, whether in life or business, is we need to awaken our consciousness in our daily life.

What does this mean for us❓

✅ Our heightened level of insight and consciousness optimizes our daily decisions

➡️ When we are conscious of our #vision of the future (and no longer live by the memories of the past), we logically, both in physiology and mindset aspects, begin to make the daily choices that drive the right impact.

✅ Remembers, our decisions make our results

➡️ How we think and how we feel daily inevitably determines our outcomes. Remember, thoughts are the language of the brain, and feelings are the language of the body. So, if we control these elements, we start to decipher the right energy levels internally to lead to the right actions externally

💧 The secret of our success lies in our daily agenda 💧

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