Food For Thought: The Power of … #Yet

💡 Adding ‘yet’ into our vocabulary and conscious thinking is like baking a cake, playing an instrument or riding a bike i.e. none of us were born knowing how to ride (without training wheels), bake a perfect cake or perform a beautiful piece of music, but that doesn’t mean we gave up❗️

In a world depleted of hope; in a world of wanting what we want, when we want; the power of YET expresses the following from a mindset perspective. 

This in particular when in the early stages of entrepreneurship (when we feel a sense of uncertainty, potential loneliness and fear of failure) is critical to sustained success in a business venture:

✅ A required #patience (and #selfbelief) to realize that some things are worth waiting for and that these things take work, time and don’t always come in the form of anything that could be remotely easy

✅ We are all on a learning journey, and because we may have not accomplished a goal or dream (YET), it does not mean that we cannot or should not continue to try and preserve i.e. #donotgiveup

✅ Remember, success is a journey made of various destinations (not just one). At each destination point, we may require a refuelling in #personaldevelopment to get us to the next destination

💧 Everyone has genius capability, but if you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid ~ Albert Einstein 💧