💡 We’ve all heard the old adage, “you’ve got to give to get.” No matter if you call it karma, paying-it-forward etc, the point is, when we give first, we will get back in return.

Psychological research has shown the reciprocity rule can be very effective both in business and our personal life. The strongest and longest lasting interpersonal relationships are based on reciprocity❗️

Below are two wins anyone can apply without waiting for someone to provide them a favour:

✅ Follow the “Give. Give. Give. Get.” formula

➡️ When we give FIRST without a perceived expectation of return, we create rapport and authenticity with any stakeholder. The most important element of reciprocity is that we are willing to give away something of value without expecting a return.

✅ Keep the Relationship Going

➡️ Every relationship is built on trust, and this takes time. Maintaining quality relationships is vital for lasting success. So check your contact lists and see who it is you need to revitalise the relationship with!

💧  Abundance is a dance with reciprocity – what we can give, what we can share, and what we receive in the process 💧 

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