In today’s dynamic world, it’s crucial to invest in the potential of our youth and provide them with the necessary tools and guidance to succeed in both education and the workforce. THRIVE programme is a tailored program offering institutional care for older youth (aged 14 – 21), that includes mentorship, life skills development, academic support, and career guidance. When these youth, situated in Soweto,  leave the institutional care, they are equipped to pursue higher education and enter the workforce. 

THRIVE helps children who grow up outside family care and who often do not have the opportunity to succeed. They do not have a caregiver guiding them or advocating their success. They don’t receive the tools and guidance they need for academic achievement and their path thereafter. These are the important steps that THRIVE focuses on in order to nurture and grow these children, giving them the chance to make a success out of their loves. 

Mentorship: Nurturing Growth and Confidence

Learn from people you aspire to be like

– Hiten Keshave, The Unstoppable Challenge workshop

Mentorship plays a pivotal role in shaping the aspirations and character of young individuals. Providing them with mentors who offer guidance, share experiences, and offer emotional support helps instil confidence and cultivates a sense of purpose. THRIVE offers this through one-on-one support for each child to create a connection and develop an ongoing relationship. As part of THRIVE’s programme, they have leadership programmes, such as “The Unstoppable Challenge” created by Unconventional CA (UCA). UCA spent a morning with the youth, teaching them about the foundations of being an entrepreneur and how to start a business. 

Life Skills Development: Building a Strong Foundation

“Where you are now should not determine where you are going.” 

– Hiten Keshave, The Unstoppable Challenge workshop

Equipping youth with essential life skills such as communication, time management, problem-solving, and financial literacy is paramount. These skills not only prepare them for the challenges of adulthood but also enhance their ability to thrive both personally and professionally. Once these life skills are developed, the youth gain confidence, instilling belief in themselves and creating a positive future.

Academic Services: Fostering Educational Excellence

“Success moves with speed, the faster you move, the quicker you reach.” 

– Hiten Keshave, The Unstoppable Challenge workshop

Tailored academic services, including one-on-one tutoring, group sessions, field trips and access to educational resources, ensures that youth are well-prepared for higher education. Addressing their academic needs helps build a solid foundation for pursuing further studies. THRIVE offers extracurricular activities such as maths literacy, academic competitions, leadership programs, public speaking and even programming and coding. The mentees encourage the youth to be a part of as much as they can, in order to set their sights higher, giving them more opportunity. 

Career Guidance: Charting a Path to Success

“If you want to embark on anything you must carry the right energy”

– Hiten Keshave, The Unstoppable Challenge workshop

Assisting youth in identifying their career interests, setting achievable goals, and offering insights into various career paths empowers them to make informed decisions. Our mentors are constantly assessing the youth to see their progression. Guiding them through the job market and providing networking opportunities prepares them for a successful transition into the workforce. With goals and action plans set up for the youth, they create their vision and have goals to get there.  

THRIVE’s holistic program for youth, integrating mentorship, life skills development, academic services, and career guidance, equips them with the tools needed to succeed in their education and enter the workforce. By investing in the potential of our youth and providing them with institutional care, we set the stage for a brighter future and a generation of capable, confident, and successful individuals ready to make a meaningful impact on society.

How can you help?

Like UCA, THRIVE is always needing sponsors to help volunteer. If you are someone who would like to volunteer, please let us know at