Quote about Time by Harvey Mackay

Food For Thought: Time and tide wait for no man

💡 The secret to #success, is in using our time wisely. To achieve our #goals in life, we must use our time wisely, and this means we need momentum to keep driving forwards…

Yet often, many of us may encounter the dreaded #procrastination, which does NOT move us any closer to our end goal. And often a #fear of achieving what we want in life is linked to procrastination.

And when we procrastinate, we stop moving…So how then does one avoid this dreaded procrastination❓

✅ Understand the consequences of our behaviours is the first starting point. If we put off important tasks (or avoid taking action), we waste time❗️ And this cannot be won back, which means having to work harder to move forwards in the future.

In a book by Stephen Covey called, First Things First, there’s an analogy by a teacher and students where the teacher fills the jar with rocks and asks the students if the jar is full.

✅ All of the students say yes, it’s full and no more rocks can fit in. The teacher disagrees and starts to add smaller rocks, like gravel, to the jar. These rocks fit in around the bigger rocks.

✅ Again, he asks the students if the jar is full and they all say yes. Then he adds sand to the jar. The students still say the jar is full, so he adds water to the jar.

✅ The point is that if the sand and water had gone into the jar first, the large rocks wouldn’t have fit.

💧 Fit big rocks (goals) into our life by making them a priority. Otherwise everything else will take up our time 💧

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